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Noël Riley Fitch is a biographer and historian of expatriate intellectuals in Paris in the first half of the 20th century. She is the author of several books on Paris as well as the author of the biographies of Sylvia Beach, Anaïs Nin, and Julia Child.

Noel is the only biographer exclusively authorized by Julia Child to write her biography which was published in 1997 - Appetite for Life: the Biography of Julia Child.


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Noël Riley Fitch is the 2011 recipient of the Tour Prix Montparnasse Award for "Sylvia Beach: Une Americaine 'a Paris"-the French translation of her acclaimed literary work Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation, which was translated into French by Elizabeth Danger and published in France by Perrin Publishers (2011)
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Sharing Julia Child's Appetite for Life with Noel Riley Fitch

A live talk
September 14, 2014

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