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Literary Cafes of Paris: Among the seductive charms of Paris that draw today's traveler, the sidewalk café is the most typically Parisian. Visible proof of the French art of living, the café is at the very center of the city's artistic life.

Take this guide with you to any one of the literary cafés discussed. Linger over coffee and read about the artists and writers who have preceded you--Hemingway, Sartre, de Beauvoir, Joyce, Henry Miller, Camus, Bellow and others. Or brew a coffee at home and be an armchair traveler. Included are descriptions, history, anecdotes, and comments on the food and drink of nearly thirty establishments central to the literary life of France, America and England.

Noël Riley Fitch, a café-sitter and recognized scholar on foreign artists in Paris, is the author of Sylvia Beach and the Lost Generation: A History of Literary Paris in the Twenties and Thirties. She lives and teaches in Los Angeles but returns each summer to Paris, to study, to explore, to feast on the bounty of France.


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