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Paris -- for Ernest Hemingway as well as for many other writers and artists -- was the most loved city and the hub of intellectual and artistic life during the early decades of the twentieth century.

In Hemingway in Paris you can follow in Hemingway's footsteps from the time of Gertrude Stein's arrival to the meeting with Barielt Gabriel Garcia Marquez in 1957. Noël Riley Fitch guides you to the homes, cafés, studios, newspaper offices, parks, churches, and bridges mentioned in the poetry, fiction, and memoirs of expatriate American artists. The focus is always on the life and art of Hemingway: the bar where Hemingway met Fitzgerald; the gymnasium where Hemingway boxed; the café where he wrote his stories; the church he attended with Pauline and the church where he married her; all the cafés mentioned in The Sun Also Rises; the homes and studios of his friends; the local brothels; the bakery where he bought his bread . . .

Here are seven walks, illustrated with maps and photographs, combining up-to-date guide information with a wealth of literary history, biography, and anecdote. Each entry is placed in the context of Hemingway's life and writing and the walks are based on twenty years of research, tested and modified on the ground by the author and classes of students at the American University in Paris.

With this book as your guide you can sense the city's impact on Hemingway and his fellow Americans, and discover your own Paris while walking the sidewalks and alleyways of an earlier period.


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